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Storing Guitars when not in use (or not)

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I like leaving my guitars on a stand but I worry about humidity. I've thought about getting a room humidifier or maybe a cabinet (you know, like one of those things that my wife uses to store dishes). Or maybe one of those body humidifiers for my acoustic as partial protection (wonder 'bout the neck though).

I like looking at them and it's so much easier to grab a guitar and play it if it's out and available. I suppose location makes a lot of difference. Are the electrics as subject to humidity damage as acoustics?

Suggestions? How do you manage the enviroment?


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I keep my guitars, (acoustic & electric), on stands also. Like you said, easier to just grab one when you want to. I try to keep them away from exterior walls, windows, and direct sunlight though. Other than that, I don't do anything special. I suppose it does depend on if you live in a very humid region or not too.


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In most of the US, extra humidity is not a problem, dryness is.

If you own quality instruments that you care about, you need to keep them in a case with a case humidifier and, if they're acoustics, then some type of in-body humidifier as well.

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I'd recommend storing your guitar/guitars in their cases when not using them as this will protect your guitar/guitars from any knocks, as well as excessive moisture and damp. Excessively warm and dry environments can be quite harmful causing cracks and warping.

You should be looking at a temperature of 20-21ºC or 68-70ºF but just be aware of sudden changes of temperature and humidity. Common sense is never leave a guitar near a radiator or hot pipes or in a damp basement etc. Classical guitars are more vulnerable than others to changes, also old or antique instruments, and you should use a room humidifier to prevent the air becoming too dry.

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I agree with storing in cases. they are a stable environment.
leaving one on a stand all the time could be dangerous if the rubber on the stand starts to get old and then degrade. the guitar finish could be effected.

I do leave a guitar out on a stand for a day or two. it is nice to be able to grab one when the inspiration hits.

if I plan on just noodling or fiddling around with the guitar then I like having to get it out of the case.
the ritual makes me respect my time.
my guitar and I are the better for it.