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Strange gigs

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What are all the off the wall ways that you have used to make money with your music?

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Aged 15, on a late night loony train from LDN to Hastings with my Epiphone, sme drunk guys offered me money if I'd play my guitar. I pointed out that it was electric, there was nowhere to plug the amp in, and on a noisy train they wouldn't be able to hear it. They were adamant that I play, and raised the 'fee' to 30 quid. I strummed a couple of chords, the opening of Don't Look Back In Anger, or something equally boring, and it was obviously totally inaudible.

But drunk guys gave me the money anyway. 30 quid. for 5 second of inaudible chord strumming. If only all gigs had this as the going rate. :roll:

I'm sure I have some more, but right now I'm not thinking of any.

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I have had an"Odd gig" before I didint get paid or any thing. I brought my song book of song I had writin and showed them to a frieng of mine and his little brother wanted to read themso I let him and he wanted to show them to his mom and I said ok and his mom wanted me to play one of them for her and her husbend so I did. here is a link to the lyrics

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My brothers band played at a random movie theater...they actually had a stage and everything in the movie theater...people just sat there and ate their popcorn...I think they got paid. haha