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Strap buttons...

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Hey everyone, I have a Taylor 310 A/E (lefty) and recently bought a strap for it. The "button" for want of a better term where the neck joins the body has a deep indentation and the straps slipss on rather nicely and feels secure. The one at the bottom of the guitar (where the amp cord would be inserted) isn't nearly as indented and is a pain to get the strap onto. Even when I do, it doesn't feel secure to me. Almost afraid that if I let go of the guitar, it may drop...

Has anyone else experienced something similar and is there a solution?



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Change the button to one similar to the neckjoint or buy some strap locks.
edit: I re-read your post. You have a combo button/input plug right? Never mind.

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id go with strap locks too, i felt the same way about my guitar falling, but i bought strap locks and now i dont think twice about it

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