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Its funny that you mention Eastwood because I was looking on the website that I posted and they compare their straps to all these other brands that "copied" them and tell you (the customer) why their product is better. I guess its a good business move to just call out all your competitors in a "nice" way.
Here is the page, Eastwood is the last:

yeah -- funny.

-=tension & release=-

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I've been using Neotech straps for years. The padding is made of a stretchy material that somehow reduces the weight of the guitar on your shoulder. I've had neck problems for a long time, and these straps are the only ones that allow me to stand for long periods. Check them out.

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What kind of straps does everyone use? I'm looking for a new strap and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

In other words, What strap will make me play like Hendrix or Clapton? :D

If you find a strap that makes you play like Hendrix or Clapton PLEASE let me know where you got it!

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My absolute favorite strap of all time comes from moody leather ( ). They're expensive, but so worth it. It's the most comfortable strap I've ever used. Makes my 12lb bass feel light as a feather.

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I perfer Levy woven straps. They're light and comfortable,all the things I look for in straps.

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