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Strat vs. Tele

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A Telecaster through a Triple Recto for instance, or a MkIV; yah, that might be something you could get a tone out of :D

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The only guitar in this song was a '69 Tele Thinline (the single coil semi-hollowbody Tele, like in my avatar), if I remember correctly. He opens and ends with it played pretty clean, then gets some nice overdrive with it at regular intervals starting around 1/4 into the song and especially around 2/3 through, before ending clean.
This might give you some idea of the range of a Tele and it's ability to get a hard rock sound. I know it ain't thrash metal, but it's a pretty nice growl.

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I personally like the strat a little bit more. If i were to go out and buy a guitar it would be a strat. Teles are great though. Whatever kinda stuff youre lookin to play and whichever has the best playability.

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Get a Telecaster and find your own sound on it.

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i've always loved teles... purely because they seemed to have practical anonymity compared to the strat.
But having recently compared a 54 tele to a 95 strat...

the strat won on tone, hands down.

but it guess its what your in for...

one mans strat is anothers gibson...

play them! :D

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I've never played a tele, but I probably should. I've always been a fan of the fat strat style guitars (2 single coils and a humbucker in the bridge) mainly because of it's versatility.


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I have an Ibanez blazer with an extra switch on it that gives it the telecaster (twang) sound. So I got the best of both worlds (1981 model)

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I own both, and I love music frmo clapton, SRV, Hendrix even though primarilly I stick to acoustics.

I love my fender strat, its clean powerful and looks real nice.

If for some odd reason you arent going to play a guitar before you buy it...which is absurd....theres no reason a nice American made Stratocaster would you wrong.

But please play them both first.

You might be able to pull off buying a kazoo without a demo...a guitar...not so much.


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