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Suite: Judy Blue Eyes- doable in DADGAD?

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HI, all.

I'm putting this question out here, because I'd love to learn to play the song, but I'm a bit nervous about Stills' tuning...originally DADAAD, and the 10's I've got on the guitar that I'm comfortable retuning simply aren't going to take that. (Plus I still lose my nerve every time I go to retune.) However, I wondered whether it's playable in DADGAD tuning.



Take care,


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Hi Shady, I've got that in standard tuning if you want. Sounds OK. Def not a note for note thing, but at least it is the song. Well, I'll just drop it below in case you or anyone wants it.
Suite Judy Blue Eyes - CSNY
written by Stephen Stills

[D]It's getting to the [C]point where [G]I'm no [D]fun any [A]more. I am [G]sorry.[G7sus4]
[D]Sometimes it [C]hurts so [G]badly I [D]must cry out [A]loud, I am [G]lonely[G7sus4].
I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are, [G7sus4]you make it [D]hard.[G]

[D]Remember what we've [C]said, and [G]done, and [D]felt about each [A]other, oh babe, have mercy [G] [G7sus4]
[D]Don't let the [C]past [G]remind us of [D]what we are not [A]now, I am not dreaming[G] [G7sus4]
I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are, [G7sus4]you make it [D]hard[G]

[D]Tearing your[C]self [G]away from me [D]now, your are [A]free, I am [G]crying [G7sus4]
[D]This does not [C]mean I don't [G]love you, [D]I do, that's [A]forever, yes and for always. [G] [G7sus4]
I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are, [G7sus4]you make it [D]hard.[G]

[D]Something in[C]side is [G]teling me that [D]I've got your [A]secret, are you still listenin[G]g? [G7sus4]
[D]Fear is the [C]lock, and [G]laughter the [D]key to your [A]heart, and I love you[G]. [G7sus4]
I am [D]yours, you are [A]mine, you are [G]what you are [G7sus4]
[D]You make it [G]har[D]d, [G]and you make it [D]hard

[D]Friday evening, Sunday in the [G]afternoon, [G7sus4]what have you got to [D]lose?
Tuesday mornin', please be gone I'm [G]tired of you, [G7sus4]what have you got to [D]lose?
[C]Can I tell it like it is? [G]Listen to me baby,
[C]It's my heart that's a suffering, [G]it's dyin', and that's what I have to [D]lose.

[D]I've got an answer, I'm going to [G]fly away, [G7sus4]what have you got to [D]lose?
[D]Will you come to see me Thursdays and [G]Saturdays? [G7sus4]What have you got to [D]lose?

[C]Chestnut brown [D]canary, [C]ruby throated [D]sparrow,
[C]Sing a [Bm]son[Am]g, [C]don't be [Bm]lon[Am]g, [C]thrill me to the [D]marrow
[C]Voices of the [D]angels, [C]ring around the [D]moonlight
[C]Asking [Bm]me, [Am]said [C]she so [Bm]fre[Am]e, [C]how can you catch the [D]sparrow?

[C]Lacy lilting [D]lyrics [C]losing love la[D]menting
[C]Change my [Bm]lif[Am]e, [C]make it [Bm]rig[Am]ht, [C]be my [D]lady

{c:Repeat 8 times}
[G]Do do do do [Am]do, do do [C]do do [D]o do do do do do

"I wonder if a composer ever intentionally composed a piece that was physically impossible to play and stuck it away to be found years later after his death, knowing it would forever drive perfectionist musicians crazy." - George Carlin

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If you're cool with DADGAD, you might want to go one small step and try open D (DADF#AD). It's very easy to play Suite; Judy Blue Eyes in this tuning as you'll have most of the original tabs to work on (just like in DADGAD) but you'll also get some very cool sounding embellishments by hanging on to that F# from the D chord.

Just a thought. And as Roy points out, you can certainly play this in standard as well.


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I play it with just the low E tuned down to D.

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Originally, EBEEBE. Easier to sing, and easier on your strings: DADDAD. Basically it's sitar tuning. If you add the G it's no longer modal.

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I may be mistaken about it, but I think the tuning in the original recording (what was on the released album) had all four of the low strings tuned to E, making it EEEEBE. The fifth string was tuned down to the same E as the sixth string while the D string was tuned up a step and the G string down a step-and-a-half. Again, I may be mistaken but "Carry On" was also tuned this way execpt each string was lowered an additional half step, making it EbEbEbEbBbEb.

EBEEBE or DADDAD would certainly work, though.


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I always did that stuff in DADDAD as well.....4+20 any of that stuff. I realize it's really drone tuning, but the DADDAD is a good cheat.

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Having finally worked out how to play "Treetop Flyer" in DADGAD, I realized that by avoiding the 3rd string (G-string), I could easily play "4-20." I play a 12-string and also wanted to play "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" in the same set without retuning. BTW, on the Steve Stills album "Just Roll Tape," which was supposedly an impromptu opportunity for Stills to have some studio time left over from a Judy Collins session, you can hear him retune to the EEEEBE in real time - I think it sounds pretty cool. Anyway, I'm working on using the DADDAD tunings available here (and on the Net) to perform the song with DADGAD. Again, the reason being that I really like "Treetop Flyer" and the only way I could get the sound I liked was with DADGAD.

As an aside it's perhaps worthwhile mentioning that the fingering pattern on the 1st and 2nd strings in "4-20" is essentially identical to the pattern used at the beginning of "Suite Judy Blue Eyes." Stills managed to get a least two songs out of the same pattern - anyone know of anymore to add to this?