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SUM line 6 stuff...

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first..i would like to say that this is my first post on guitar noise..and have heard great things from my friend about this site and its forum.

1. What i would like to know is what stompboxes are compatible with my line 6 spider 2 amp besides the one line 6 has to offer..or can i only use the ones line 6 has? and i have found one by line 6(fbv4) which seems to fine..any thots?

2. i would also like to know all of the important information that deals with a line 6 guitar port, which seems to be an unbelievabe product except for the fact that it is useless away from the computer. is this so?

3. Lastly i would like an explanation of the POD series from line 6. is this sumthin that u can download amp styles with and use em on this thing? or is sumthing where u store your own styels? and how do u select which style u want to use while ur playing? I feel as tho im way off in my idea of this, please explain this line 6 product to me...

i have a gibson sg supreme and line 6 spider II 112 amp....

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well the FBVs are floorboards that you can control the Line6 amps with. Only Line6. I dont think there are any others that can work as such but you can just buy a few pedals (stompboxes) if you want. The FBV does not add any effects or sounds (except a wah pedal i believe), it merely allows you to control the stuff with your feet while you are playing. Useful for gigging i suppose.

Line6's guitarport is infact useless away from a computer. Its a cool little product but not portable in that you can use it in your bedroom with out having to have A. a PC in your bedroom or B. A laptop. Sorry.

The POD series of direct boxes are amplifier modelers (make it sound like you are playing on an old Fender Twin or a Marshall or something when its just the guitar direct into the POD) and i dont think any models pre PODxt have effects modeling but i may be wrong. I personally own a PODxt and love it. It models amps, speakers, effects, and something called A.I.R. which makes it sound real, its an ambient effect, makes it sound either like its miked from really close to further away. It also models the microphones (4 types i think) that are used to mike the amp. Its a cool little invention. You can also use it with guitarport software but is not dependent on a computer. It is however dependent on a power amp if you wanna play in front of people and not just record with it or practice with it.

Hope that helps.

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The POD comes in 2 versions the POD V2.0 (which has just come way down in price) and the POT XT.

The main differences between them is the POD XT has more amp models, much more effects models and you can even tell it where you want the mic positioned on the cabinate simulator. The POD V2.0 is a great starting point if you are new to POD. As well as some great amp models it also has some nice effects. Both have AIR which can be switched on or off depending on your function. AIR is great for recording or direct line inputing into a PA, as it takes out that horrible digital sound you get and attempts to simulate the actual amp sound you are using - very clever.

The POD XT is at least twice the price of the POD 2.0. There are also rack versions of each called POD pro.

I use a POD XT with shortboard foot controller, you can also get a larger foot controller. The POD V 2.0 only has the one type of floorboard which is not compatable with the XT so be careful if you wish to upgrade in the future. Visit for more info.


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Thanks a lot for your guy's help. So the POD 2.0 and xt are controlled using a floorboard then? because by the looks of it u can select an amp style on it with out using your hands and mnually turning the knobs. The separate floorboard is used to control the POD? I think im just a little confused, thanks for the help. Also, because i have the line 6 amp is a POD really necessary, because it seems that it would really be for sum one that did not have many effects on his amp? IS this how it works: guitar into POD; POD into amp? and how do u use it to record, does it go into your computer? Does this also allow you to download amp models from online to upload into the POD so u can play it in your amp?

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The Guitarport is $100US, the Pod 2.0 is $200US, the PodXT od $300US.
The Guitarport and PodXT both work with the Guitarport website, with a paid subscription. The PodXT is very expandable and you can download or buy new and improved amp models as they are developed (a new set was just recently released and has met with favorable reviews.)
The Pod 2.0 connects to a recording device through a line-out connection, while the PodXT has both a line-out and a USB connection for linking to your computer.
The pod's are great for home recording, and I've seen them used pretty successfully live when fed directly into a PA system (though, honestly, I said to myself "Self, I think I hear someone using a Pod", then went looking for it and saw it. Still, it didn't sound bad, just recognizable as an amp modeller. I work with a modeller most every day, though, so my ears might be getting trained to recognize the artifacts.)
Pod's can be difficult to use with an amp, it's success depends on the amp and the sound you're looking for. You generally need an amp that has a very clean power stage and speaker and preferrably an effects loop so you can bypass the preamp.
They're great tools, but you have much of their functionality built into your Spider, I believe.
You CAN control the Pods with your hands, you don't need the footcontroller, it's just convienient if you're playing live.