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Superstition - Sungha Jung's tabs?

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Hi guys,

So, I have Adam Rafferty's arrangement of Superstition by Stevie Wonders. Have been practicing for the last 4 months. Going rather well. Making tiny progresses.

However, after I listened to Sungha Jung's playing the same arrangement, I found out some additional variations (call it picking, if u will). Anyways, please, judge for urselves. Check the two links below.

My ulitmate question to pose: PLZ if anyone has Sungha Jung's arrangement of Superstition, would you PLZ kindly send it to me. I could not find the tabs at his website ( ) nor anywhere on internet. If my hearing does not mislead me, Sungha adds some notes which make this chef-oeuvre additionally beautiful. So, I just want to pick those pieces along playing Adam's arrangement.

Thanks guys,

Here are the links to compare: (Adam Rafferty playing) ( Sungha's playing)