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Swapping Pickups

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Hey everyone. I was thinking about getting a new pickup for my guitar. Its Les Paul style, so it has two humbuckers, the neck one, i don't really like, but I do like the bridge. However, the bridge sounds good, only when its clean, or being used dirty, for chords, be they power, or full. It's to dull for reallly good leads. So my questions are this...would it be good, to get another bridge pickup, so that I have two essentially, one it the neck and one it the actually bridge? Also, if this is smart, which one would be better for the bridge postion, the one used for lead I would imagine? Thirdly, what is a good pickup for classic, rock, and hard rock leads? I was advised a Seymour Duncan '59 by a few people, is this a good choice?

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The first thing I'd do is to temporarily move the bridge pickup to the neck spot to see how it sounds there. Cheaper than buying stuff.

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you usually dont want to put a bridge pup in the neck position ... it's usually wound hotter and can end up giving you a very 'woofy' sound with a muddy bass response and unbalanced mids

i have a duncan '59 (neck version) in the neck of one of my guitars and love it .. it has a warm, full sound without any muddiness for clean sounds and has a very singing creamy sound for soloing a la carlos santana's sound .. i wouldnt use it for loud, distorted power chords .. i prefer the bridge pickup for that .. other good duncan neck pickups for an LP style guitar are the Alnico-II Pro and the 'jazz' ...

for classic rock and hard rock, you could get a '59 (bridge version) and enjoy the 'matched set' .. if you want a little more sizzle, you might want to try a duncan pearly gates bridge model .. and if you want a great hot pickup for the bridge, the duncan JB model is very cool .. i have this in one of my guitars and am thrilled with how it sounds ...

good luck