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Sweet child O mine

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absolutly LOVE this song. Been one of my favs for many years, and decided to learn it
Im new to these boards! and been playing guitar for a few months. I have learned the intro and i an play it well enough but, it just dont sound right! My guitar is always tuned before I play, and i think i know why its sounding wrong, I dont know how to set up my amp! When i play it on my amp, it sounds too high pitched, but i know i have the right frets because friends have showed me, and I've watched videos. So, I need a little help with my amp
(P.s im gonna try to upload me playing it to show you guys what I mean, and please cut me some slack on the mistakes, i just learned it =P)

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Have you tuned your guitar down half a step? If you want to play along with the cd then this is a must, also try using your neck pickup. I play this particular song on my epi lp and marshall, tuned down and with neck pickup and it sounds pretty good.

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It is a fantastic song, is it not? One of my all-time favorites! Anywho, if it is the amp, then you just need to mess around with the EQ until you get it right. Does you amp have the standard 'low', 'mid', and 'high' controls? If so, set them all to 5 (i.e. half) and then start changing them one at a time until you get the best sound that you like best. My guess would be that you'll need to drop the lows and the highs a bit and bump up the mids, but each amp is different, so there's no straight-forward solution. Oh yeah, and make sure you keep the over-drive/gain up nice and high. And whatever you do, once you get it right, write down your settings so the next time you want to rock out like Slash, you can dail it up, crank it up, and jam!

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I'm with disposable hero. If you downtune your guitar half a step (i.e., so that E become D#, A becomes G# etc.) then you should find everything will line up. Be aware though that although Slash actually downtunes for this song, a lot of the backing tracks out there are set up for standard EADGBE tuning!

Good luck with it! It's a great song. 8)


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I would suggest tuning down 1/2 step as well. That should fix it.

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Alright mate,good choice of song been learning it myself too.
What the previous guys have mentioned regarding tuning is right, but if it's the tone that's troubling you i've got a tip.
What you want to do is stick it onto your neck pickup and then crank the tone on your guitar all the way down,it gives it the real undefined sound and the notes blend together in a good way.