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Takamine F 360 "Lawsuit" Guitar...

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Does anyone have any personal experience with one of these:

I've been lusting over a Martin D28 for some time now, but don't want to let loose of that much coin. I know this is a copy, but everything I've read leads me to believe that it is a very good one. I'm going to go play it this afternoon, but I hoped I could get some feedback from anyone here who has played or heard one. Thanks.

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i can't specifically comment on that guitar, but i've liked most or all of the tak's i've played fairly well. they held up against larrivees in the same price range at a store i worked at years ago, it seemed to me. now, you need to play it, and it should be comfortable in your hands, not hard to play at all, and sound good to your ear, for what strings are on there. make sure you look for wear and discoloration. new or old strings can fool you, so take them into account. then make sure the neck is sturdy at the joint, the tuners all look good, the neck is straight, not warped. if it needs a set up, you don't want to pay for that. those can be kind of expensive if it's more than just a truss rod adjustment or nut. mmm, well, that's about it i guess. you gotta wear it under your arm for a while, it's up to you.