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Technical problem with a floating bridge

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Hi everyone!

I have a G&L Legacy Tribute guitar, and it has a problem with the bridge. If I push the handle down, the bridge stays down - not as much as I pressed, but anyway. If I pull the handle up, the bridge stays up. It feels like it moves rather freely a little bit around normal position, making tuning/playing impossible. The strings I use are 10s and I have 3 springs installed. I just tried to remove one spring, and it doesn't solve the problem. Since the springs and, obviously, strings are in place, for me it means the problem is in the place where the bridge 'floats' on two support screws.

I appreciate any advise on how to fix that, what to look for, etc. before I disassemble the guitar. I'd like to fix it myself, so don't send me to a luthier ;)