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Tele question

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He used it on Warren Zevons last album on the song "Disorder in the House" Thats a pretty funky looking guitar :D :D

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Thanks all. I plan on going to GC this afternoon and playing as many Teles as I can get my hands on. I'll be sure not to shy away from the Squiers based on your input.

And I would agree with U2Bono269, that sure looks like a Tele on "Born to Run." It also shows up on the "Live 1975-1985" Box Set cover and on the "Greatest Hits" cover. It may even be on the "Human Touch" cover but it's hard to tell. While we're at it, "Thunder Road" may be one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs of all time, IMO.

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Bruce's famed guitar is a factory second Fender Esquire (circa 1953) that was routed for 4 (yes four) pickups and stereo output when he bought it used. He then had it wired up like a regular Tele but with an uncovered neck pickup, and that's how he used it.

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Just to add in. I recently bought a Johnson Tele & I love it. They are very cheap (around US$120 - 150) and look fantastic. I had to play around with the setup a bit but now I've got it how I like it it sounds great. I was looking for a tele because I wanted the tele tone, look & feel but didn't have a lot of money so looking around the net I found the Johnsons. The reviews at harmony central are very good too.
They seem to be well put together for a low price guitar. I'm very impressed.

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i personaly like the fender standard tele it plays aweomse

i play a fender telecaster and i need to know about effects!

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