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Thanks to GN and a ...
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Thanks to GN and a musical journey update

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Hello everyone,

I don't post much at all anymore, and even have stopped lurking as much as I used to as well, but I still consider GN very formative to me from my first foray's into guitar around five years ago. In that time, I've messed around, laid the guitars down, picked them up months later. I was very wishy-washy. I had a musical background. I played tuba from Jr High all that way into college. But for some reason guitar just wasn't engaging me.

Then, last December it happened. I was helping out running the sound at church and our worship leader asked if I played any instruments. Well, I told him I could strum some chords on acoustic but that was about it. "Want to try bass next Sunday?" he says to me. I said sure, get me one to borrow. I got a borrowed six string Ibanez bass on Thursday of that week! Three days to learn four songs on an instrument I've never played before!

It was like butter. Moth to flame. Stink to get the idea. It was like I was meant to play the bass guitar. I think all those years on tuba, hearing and playing bass lines constantly, tied in with the past four years of learning my way around a guitar fretboard a little came together perfectly. I played that Sunday and did pretty darn good! There were some mistakes, but the majority of people had no idea. Plus, it's the kinda crowd that's very forgiving! That's kinda built in playing in front of a church congregation. Since then, I've played just about every Sunday church.

This spring, I really got the itch to join a band so I hit up craigslist. After several false starts, I found a band with good people not looking to "make it". Just play some classic rock for fun, gig a couple times a month and make some pocket money.

Finally, to the origin of coming and writing this post. My first paying gig has been scheduled! October 16th we will be taking the stage a little bar in Bay Minette, AL. I want to thank GN for all I've learned and all the encouragement I've received while being here. And if anyone is in southern Alabama on the 16th, I hope to see ya there!

Thanks again,


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That so cool! Congrats!! Knock it out of the park1

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Congrats! That's the way it's supposed to work.

And of course we'll expect a full gig report afterward.

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"it's the kinda crowd that's very forgiving!"
LMAO Classic


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If it was northern AL, I might be able to make it. I've made the switch almost exclusively to the low end myself and that idea of "oh, you can play guitar a little? Here's a bass" bugs the crap out of me! Sure, knowing guitar helped me when I moved to bass, but I've learned that playing bass is a whole other animal.

Good luck w/ your gig!

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Good luck with your gig!

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Cool! Knock em dead.

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wow. i don't think i've ever felt that way about a musical instrument. i've always just worked my tukus off.

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That's a fascinating and cool story!

I hope it continues to be your forte!


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