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The Basics about Music Careers Please!?! :-)

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Hi all,

Thanks in advance for reading...
So I've been browsing through and it seems that alot of you are in the same place as I am. I'm a 25 y/o female from Boston who LOVES music. Going to concerts is my activity of choice! However I do not have any musical talents or abilities. Just a huge admiration and desire to be involved in this field. Like most of you on here are saying, it would be a dream come true! So where do I begin? I have a BA in English and am also interested in the concept of writing. But how likely is it to make a career out of lyric writing?
I guess my question to any of you who are knowledgable and reading this is: What is the list of jobs that are actually OUT there in the music field? I only think of the basics of producing and performing... what other behind the scenes stuff are out there? And what's a good place to start? I know that I have one of the best schools for music at my fingertips in Berklee being in Boston. Anywho, anybody who can throw some ideas and advice at me would be MUCH appreciated? Particularly if you are from the Boston area...

Thanks so much for reading!!

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Ok, you seem to have alot of enthuiasm which is good, is it only lyric writing that you're interested in or are there other things you'd like to do? performing? producing? sound engineering? because you can't do everything (at least not all at once). If it is only lyric writing then the first thing i would do is find a musician who needs someone who can write lyrics... if you know any musicians then that would be the best place to start but there are other places where musicians would post advertisements or things like that (music stores maybe, i don't really know for sure).


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Start here:


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The one side of the business that many folks have left out is working for a manufacturer. I have had the benefit of working for Washburn, Shure, and beyerdynamic. Steady pay, great insights, meet lots of people, all expenses padi to NAMM, AES and other places. Work in artist relations, marketing, sales, manufacturing or any other place g=keeps you involc=ved in the industry and you learn so much. Another avenue to think about.

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