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The Cobra...

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Is that a spitting Cobra? Nice job!

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That is a very cool stand. Awesome.

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WOW, there's a whole new world for you to take by the ... umm stand.

Good work!!!


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A Thing of beauty! That should be a family keeper for years to come.

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I enjoy woodworking but, man, you take the cake. Best guitar stand ever made. My highest compliments to your work!

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Yeah or instead of making stands for money for more guitars, just make new guitars. i would bet the Cobra...GC143 or what ever would look and sound cool, and you would save money on guitars!! thats always great.

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I have an idea!

Buy a mandolin, make a smaller version and call the set "The Cobra and the Mongoose"! :wink: :D

(Does anyone remember this song? Do any of the older members want to ADMIT knowing this song? :shock: )

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