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The hub-bub over Sc...
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The hub-bub over Schecter

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As many of you know, I'm GASSING and .ooking around for mid-priced guitars. A few of you have mentioned Schecter guitars as a good option. I went to their website recently and took a look at their offerings. The site has suggested retail pricing - and I know it never sells for the price listed - but Wow! The Schecter's are pretty expensive considering some of their competition. A new C-1+ retails for over $550, and some of their other models are in the $699 range. Why?

You can buy a Gibson Flying V or SG for $550 - 650. You can get an American Strat for $700. With both of those instrument lines you get high-quality components (USA pickups, etc)...

I owned a Schecter SH1 a few years back and it was a decent enough guitar (overall it felt "plasticky" with the thick finish and plastic binding) but I got it for $300. What do some of you others think?

My favorite two Schecters are the S-1 Elite:

and the C-1 Elite:

Neither have real Duncan pickups, and cost $600 even online. I'm a bit stumped by this.

Let me know what you think... I'm just a guy trying to find his way through an ENORMOUS sea of freakin' guitars. I can't believe how many are avaiable at the $350 - $600 price point!!!!

-=- Steve

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