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The mother of all practice questions

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well, i disagree that learning modes will do more harm than good. he's gonna learn them eventually. i don't really think the order in which he learns things matters. it's all gonna end up mixing with all his other knowledge in the end anyway.

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Now that I've kinda nailed down what I need to practice, you guys have any good ideas on when to practice and how to motivate myself to practice? I was thinking of doing a practice journal, where I log what I practice each day and what I'm working on, so I can look back and find out what I've accomplished and where I've improved. I don't know, any thoughts?

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I keep a log of my practice sessions. I use the montly log form that you can get here - I downloaded the PDF file and then just print them off as I need them. There's also a weekly sheet with more room for free form entry. The site is that of Kevin Dowling who wrote a good book on practicing called The Secrets of Successful Practising for Guitarists.

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