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The Squier - No, th...
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The Squier - No, the Fender '51 !

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I see the old '51 thread was locked.

Curious if anyone's played the NEW Fender 51s yet?

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I'm kinda dying to check out the pawnshop Mustang. I can totally see putting a set of 11-52 strings on there and RAWK.

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No, but I have a Squier Telecaster Bass and I have to say, I really love it.

I was going to buy a plain and simple Precision, but then I saw this and I just fell in love with the way it looks. The Telecaster headstock is just so plain and clumsy and ruthless.

It sounds great too, but very deep. Your amp needs to have plenty of top end dialled in.

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I like the '72 myself... Id be wondering what a P90 would sound like in the neck spot though!!

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I haven't tried one, but have a Squier '51. I think that Fender, reading the specs, still lacks a tone control and needs a mod.

We did the blender and the tone control in one (daughter's). I like that Fender has a blender. :shock: Mustangs just got better. My gosh, they were already fun, I can only imagine what a hoot they must be with humbuckers. All in all, nice new guitars!

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i still think it's an ugly pickguard. it makes me think they made it so big to cover up blems on the cheap woods they used. there's no reason to have a pickguard on the upper horn like that.