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Think you have alot of guitars?

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I'd rather have 100 guitars than know 100's easier for me to learn 100 songs than buy 100 guitars :p

Porsches is a bad hobby to get into. Fortunately I'm never going to be in danger of buying a porsche.

I also like the 1 electric, 1 bass, and 1 acoustic rule. It's just enough.

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i have 3 and im not happy, i figured that i would need 8 guitars to be complete. 4 electrics each a different tuning. and 4 acoustics all in a different tuning, of course some people are never content.

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13 is a lot? I have more fishing rods and reels than that, I don't fish them all at the same time but they all get used and have their best purpose for different times. Would never part with any of them.

Looks like he has a nice collection of guitars for different music and different moods, with only a couple that are the same/redundant with a different paint job. Probably took many years to accumulate and proud of each one. 8)

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Ideally I think I would like to have 5 guitars. An electric, semi-hollow body electric, nylon string acoustic, steel string acoustic, and electric bass. That would be more than enough for me. I would need 3 more guitars to do this. I have the nylon string, electric and bass (I would trade up my beginner electric :))

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For the person with the huge collection:

Just imagine Moving Day :lol:

I guess a person like that can PAY movers! And dust his/her guitars; and has an assembly line of gnomes to change the strings.

He probably saves his string packages , and has got the whole catalogue of rewards from the D'addario Frequent Players program :lol:

On second thought, a person like that has a different mindset than reg'lar folks like us :lol:

(poorly-disguised guitar envy)

My Wish List includes a couple of additional acoustics (maybe a nice Canadian Seagull; and another with some exotic woods); for open tunings, and playing enjoyment etc. and maybe a travel guitar. As long as the extra guitars bring happiness; and never become a material encumbrance. Once you become "bound" to things like this, it diminishes the "freedom" for which we started playing in the first place...

Ghost 8)

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Just imagine Moving Day
It seems he owns a haulage company - so that's one problem solved :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Even in a band worth mentioning it's overkill, espescially if half of them have the same sound. Having five or so different guitars with a backup for each is way more then you'll ever need.

That's pretty much what I saw when I was doing stage hand gigs a few years back. The one show that sticks with me the most RE: lotsa guitars was Steve Earl.
For ever guitar used on stage, by each player, there was a duplicate (well, maybe a different paint job) backstage.
Strat in standard tuning, and a spare. Accoustic in standard tuning, and a spare. And the same for each alternate tuning. And for each other type of guitar and mandolin and bass. It was about 50 or so instruments, IIRC.
At the time it seemed like a lot. Especially as I happened to luck out and be the one called to help out in "guitar world" in the afternoon. I just kept opening cases, and setting up stand after stand, which were promptly populated with yet another instrument.
The guitar tech spent most of the afternoon re-stringing and tuning everything, then another hour or so just before the show checking tuning on everything again.

The pile of discarded strings was impressive, in a sad sorta way. Probably half of those strings were never played on stage. He told me it's just part of the cost of doing business.

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