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This is rich.

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Last evening as I was leaving work, breifcase in hand one of the supervisory types in my office commented," Taking work home again, just about every evening for the last two weeks I've seen you going off with that breifcase". To which I replied,"Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.". "Good", says he, "keep it up."

It was everything I could do not to chuckle. For if the truth was known it's been very slow at the office lately, and what should be in the breifcase? Nothing but guitar instuction books, songbooks, and guitarnoise articles. The breifcase was full of my dead time/coffee/lunchtime reading material and I got kudos for being an industrious little drone. :lol:

Just an interesting (from my perspective) ancedote I wanted to share. See, guitar CAN help you get ahead at the office.

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It's all perception. Hope you get a good raise next time around.

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Right. Maybe you could get a little comp time for all that work you been taking home. lol. (Since my home PC crashed a few weeks ago and I just haven't had time to work on it I'm sure glad I get to keep up with GN at work too.)

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Bashing away at a PC keyboard always makes you look busy - nobody knows for sure that you're sending a heap of drivel to your home e-mail addy just to perpetuate the myth.

I hit GN from work, too. It's tough to find much time cos I work for a top investment bank, but man do people think I'm busy.

A :-)

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Hey Narn,

Nice story. Reminds me of the time I was at the office one Sunday afternoon when the boss shows up:

Boss; "What are you doing here on a Sunday"

Me: "Oh just catching up on some Paperwork." as I place the twenty fresh copies of my resume in my folder and head for the door.

That was a close one.


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