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Tips for connecting external stomp boxes with Amplitube?

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I use Amplitube 3 via Logic Pro and my audio interface. There are some external delay stomp boxes I would like to incorporate into the signal somehow. What are some of the best to connect this together? How can you connect external stomp boxes to the end of the signal chain?

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions!


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Not sure that's easily done. That's really a job for within Amplitude or within Logic Pro after tracking has been done. There is likely a piece of hardware that IK Multimedia suggests or even sells that will interface to the Amplitude software directly. I would ask the folks in the IK Multimedia forum for the easiest and/or cost effective options.

If you're recording a song, I would use the DAW's delay if possible. Logic Pro's got a good reputation for plugins. If it was me, I would set the delay up using one of Logic's delays. I would use it as a parallel send rather then inserted on to the track itself. You'll be able to control the signal even more easily. The biggest benefit is that you are not tied in to the delay done in the recoded signal. No need to change your good guitar performance just because the delay doesn't fit the song anymore, for example.

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