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trying to play cannonball rag from Thom Bresh lesson

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Hi all,

I'm trying to learn this rag:

I pretty much have trouble fretting the 7ths up and down, so I don't get "perfect" tone. Are songs like this even possible with tone just "perfect"? I guess my fingers are what you would describe as medium-sized, maybe just a little smaller than you'd want on a dreadnought. Would this song be easier on a parlor sized guitar? I can fret these 7ths, but I always feel like I'm really just barely making it (and feel like somethigns gonna pop in my hand one day, lol). This song hurts to play, iow.... Also, how would folks rate this song as far as being "athletic", I know it is not that complicated of a song from a theory perspective, but I'll be damned if it doesn't challenge me as an guitar "athlete"....