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Tuning, Bending, an...
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Tuning, Bending, and the audience

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As a guitar player with a novice ear, I can notice when my guitar is out of tune, or a bend is off...but not nearly to the degree of accuracy that a pro would have. If this was on some sort of tuner, I would be in the range of + / - 10 cents, where I think a pro would notice if he was off by a cent or two.

Question being: How much does a non-musical audience notice that your not perfectly in tune, or that your bends are off? When people are playing in gigs how accurate are their bends and such? Are most people spot on? Does the audience even notice if their off?

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They may not be able to pick out the exact defect in your playing, but they'll hear it as sloppy and discordant. And all the musicians in the audience will complain to their non-musician friends.

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Next show I do I'm gonna tell the bouncer not to let any musicans in :lol:.

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HAHAHHAHAHa I think thats a good idea Izabella

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remember the video clip to fire water burn?



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It depends a lot on the style of music and the audience. A loud rock band at 1:30 AM in a bar can get away with a lot more than an acoustic duo in a coffee shop.

I wouldn't sweat the bends, but having all the instruments in tune with each other and themselves is pretty important. Tuning is like voting - do it early, do it often.

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Tuning is like voting - do it early, do it often.

Are you sure your in Texas, and not Chicago?

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Guitar players don't make mistakes, "we improvise", "we adapt", we overcome"

There are things you can do to cover it up. If you or a band mate makes a mistake the trick is to not look like you made it. if its really out in left field then some folks will notice, if its not to bad you can play the same thing next time around and they'll think its just part of the song, and that your adding your own original material. Don't stop playing.

Who, if its for folks out parting and their three sheets into the wind they probably won't even notice. If its a house full of musicians "Yes" partying or not, we will.

What, being how bad the mishap sounds with the dynamics or fits with the song, if its a lead solo and just improvise give it a little more vibrato or Whammy bar and keep going. Maybe play it again.

Where, A private party, just jamn, loud as heck, 5 guitar players and three dozen other musicians, you can slide a little, If your a single or duel acoustic set, again depends how bad it is. If your in the studio and it continues you will not get called back. It reflects on you and how serious you are about your guitar playing and musicianship.

Here's one for the books: I once played with a front man Vocalist/guitarist that after about a 12 pack of beer he would get a little carried away, he could be singing in one key and playing in another key that was out of key to the rest of the band. I mean not even be in a related key. The first couple of times the band thought it was kind-of funny, but when it continued he got replaced. I still have not figured out how he could make it sound like it was the way the song went. He was truly a talented musician that wasted his life away by not knowing his limits an when to stop partying.

Don't take it wrong I love partying more than the next person and then some. Remember "It's all psychological" Playing guitar and leading a good life should first and highest on the list.

Please don't waste your talent think smart, think positive and practice lots.