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Two year leave...

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Hey everyone! I regret to inform you all that I will be gone for two years. I'm serving a mission for my church, in Guadalajara Mexico, so wish me luck!

But anyway, the main point of this thread is what to do with my gear for two years. Here is all the stuff I have:

*8 effects pedals (Various Brands)

*Combination tube amplifier (Kustom Defender, 12'' speaker, 50 watt)

*Electric Guitar (Schecter C-1 plus)

*Acoustic Guitar (some Yamaha model...its nice.)

*Trigger Capo

*Condenser Mic (AT2020 by Audiotechnica)

*Solid state amplifier (Rocktron V50D, 2x8'' speakers, 50 watt)

I think that's everything...all the important stuff anyway.

So my questions are what do I need to do to prepare this stuff for a 2 year break? I took the batteries out of the effects boxes to prevent acid corrosion, but should i de-string the two guitars? Should I put a little humidifier in the case, with the acoustic? Is there anything I should do to the tube amplifier, or the speaker cones? What about the microphone, is it fine just sitting in a box for 2 years? I'm really protective of my stuff, so I want to make sure I'm packing it all up right! I'll be putting it all in my bedroom closet, so it will be at room temperature.

Oh and please, don't give me advice unless you really know what your talking about.

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I can tell you that I left my Marshall tube amp for three years without doing anything to it, and it was fine when I went back to it. Tube amps are sensitive to temperature changes, but afaik, that's more to do with using them than storage.

The mic will be fine boxed up. It should be fine unboxed, but I'd box it anyway, just to prevent dust getting into the circuit. Again, speaking from personal experience doing just that with a condenser mic for three years. Actually, I'd cover or box up anything I could, for that reason. It's easier putting a guitar into a case or gig bag than it is to repair a scratchy pot.

If you are worried about other people messing with your stuff at all (I don't know if you live with others), maybe invest in a flight case for the mic, and toss any pedals, capo etc., that will fit into it as well. I got a couple of small flight case briefcase thing in the UK for £20 each from Maplin, so they should be available for about $30 or so in the US. Maybe try somewhere like the fabled radio shack for that?

If you can take a guitar with you, even just a cheapo, do it!

Sorry to see you leaving, but good luck with it all, and I hope you have a great time with the project. :D

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you took care of the batteries, which is a must. amp will be fine. however, keep it away from sunlight and a heat source.
guitars in cases. the mic should be boxed and put one of those silicon gel packs in with it. you know those things we tend to toss with the rest of the electronics packaging.
in Mexico look for an acoustic guitar. they also have these cool smaller guitars. some have duble courses of strings. I forget the proper name.

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+1 on the desiccant in with the mic -- good idea for the pedals as well. if the amps are going into boxes, may as well drop a couple packets in with those as well.

if your nice Yamaha acoustic has any solid woods -- especially the top, you should give it to someone who will make sure it is kept in a temp and humidity controlled environment. an in-case humidifier won't help more than a week or two. tune the guitars down a couple steps (e.g., E to C or C#).

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