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Used music equipment is such a good deal, it's almost a scam (for the buyer) sometimes. Generally gear is getting sold because it's not getting any use, which means it's in great condition, and heck, even if it isn't, scratches, dents, dings, scrapes of all sorts don't make most instruments any worse.

I mean really, so many guitar stores will sell gear with a little ding on the back for 25-50% of the top, AS THOUGH ANYONE CARES ABOUT A DING ON THE BACK OF A GUITAR!!! Seriously, guitars don't get any sort of notable wear over the short term, they don't ever really "wear out", and they're "from new" prices fall like a rock. Since I've started using craig's list, I've seen some of the silliest deals I could imagine.

Even on the advancing technology stuff, generally it will show up on CL within a month of release. People get tired of it, go back to their old stuff or stop playing it, and then boom, no use, 25% discount. Cha-CHING!

I'm only planning on buying one more piece of new gear again in my musical career - and that is because it will be a custom ordered one-off kind of thing made to my specification, then it's CL + eBay to death. Boink.

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1/2 of my stuff is used :D Heck I even have a guitar that was rescued from the land fill :lol: OLd stuff is very cool!! and stuff that was considered junk 30 years ago costs lots of money now--the dog

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