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Using acoustic models on line 6 JTV-69 guitar on guitar amp?

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Hello all,
Can anyone offer some tips on how to best connect a JTV-69 to a regular guitar amp, particularly when engaging any of the acoustic models? With Variax mode engaged, I assume that this engages the piezo pickup in the guitar. Does this change the impedance output to low-impedance? If so, would this create an issue of impedance mismatch between the guitar and the amp?
Or generally, is it fine to just use acoustic models through guitar amps?
Appreciate any tips and advice! :)

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It won't break anything, if that's what you are worried about.

It might sound a bit odd until you get the settings dialed in, but it won't cause any smoke to escape from anything.

You might want to start with the volume at it's lowest, then move it up to where you want it, just in case it's a bit hotter signal (this is only to protect your ears, not the hardware)

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