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What would you suggest as a very versatile elec guitar?

I'm an acoustic player that is on the prowl for an electric. I've got a voxAD30 VT modeling amp that offers some versatility in tone, but I am looking for a very versatile electric in that it will probably be the only one i own. I will want to play classic rock, newer rock (eg. foo fighters, STP), blues, and country. I'm an electric newb, so bear with me...

I was thinking tele, with maybe some modding options like a p90 in the neck, or something else. Maybe a Nashville Tele, but where would I get some crunch?

Was also thinking maybe an es-335 style semi-hollow, possibly coil tapping one or both humbuckers?

What would you electric players suggest as a very versatile rig?

I think the tele option is probably more aligned with my budget ($600-700ish). I also think I'd prefer to buy something used that will maintain value, so if I run across my dream acoustic, I can offload the electric and replace it later.