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Verse Chorus

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Okay everyone I'm new here and new to song writing. I'm into all kinds of music buy my favorite is power metal like Kamelot. My question is about the music in a verse. Should the music in each verse be completely different or should the chord progression change or just the strum patterns, or should each verse be the exact same ? I personally like it to be the same for each verse but I'm scared that it might get boring for other listeners.

Thanks Guys

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The music in verses is generally "the same", i.e. the chord progression and melody (the songwriting part).

This isn't compulsory however. If you want to write songs with different music for every verse, that's your choice. "Prog" rock used to be like that sometimes. It'll be a little less poppy and accessible but may work well.

However, if you want some variation to keep the listener from being bored you can vary the strumming pattern, the tempo, the instruments used etc (this is arrangement, not songwriting).

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