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Wanting to start a band, how to find other musicians?

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I am to the point in my guitar playing where I really want to start playing with other like minded musicians. I live near Wichita, KS, and am looking at least for someone who plays bass, and someone who plays drums. I have written a few songs, and want to start jamming with others. Does anyone know of a good way to find someone in my area? Any suggestions wouuld be appreciated.

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You should probably check out this part of the forum.


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Not sure about your area, but around here some of the smaller newspapers run musician's ads where you can get a small ad proclaiming your need of a particular kind of musician and give some details.

I wasn't tapped into them for a long time, since around here they seem only to run in the city newspapers, which not as many people read. I've called on a couple of those ads, got a couple telephone only interviews, and joined a really awesome band for a while.

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it depend on your area but a sundercat said, advertise it in the local newspaper. However, if not many people read it. Do what Im gonna do soon. Just print out a flyer that says "looking for a ________ in a _______ band call...etc" and set a date like 3 weeks later where you invite anyone interested to come to the place to audition or whatever.

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I found a band that was looking for a guitarist on the internet. In Chicago obviously there would be a larger pool but I think if you look take a look at and do searches with keywords like "band forming or "guitarist wanted/available", Wichita, KS" you might find someone to jam with.

Hope that helps.

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