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What guage strings do you use? (i.e. 9, 10, etc)

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I usually use the skinny top heavy bottom styl string guages. And I prefer an 11 on the top and a 60 on the bottom I know its nots to hot for standard but it sounds great amped and I use all kinds of tunings so it accomadates anything from Drop A to Open E.

I prefer D'addarios with an unwound G string.

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All my electrics are strung with D'Addario half round 13's, 6 sting acoustics with 13's 12 sting with 11's

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.012-.052" on my electrics.

.017-.070" on my resonator.

I've got 10s on one flattop acoustic, and 9s on another.

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Well, as far as 9's go. I really use them for those bends. I beeeennndd them and use a lot of vibrato on my blues riffs without the whammy bar. As far as tone goes, I can tweak my sound enough with my pedals and amps, I'm okay using 9's. Like I said, I use other guages too.

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I use 10-52s. Since I play both standard tuning and C# (three semitones down) and use a lot of bends, I find these gauges the best compromise between tone and comfort. :)

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Acoustic - 12's
Electric - 9's

Next time I changed the strings I think I am going to bump the electric up to a 10 or maybe 11. The difference in tension in between my electric and acoustic is a little too much and usually leads to me having to take time to adjust so that every time I barre a chord on the electric I don't bend all 6 strings. I might bring down the acoustic to 11 also just because I am girl with not so big not so strong hands and it can take a lot out of them to play simple songs but is great in building my hand strength!

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