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What kind of guitar...
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What kind of guitar is this?

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Based on that, I would assume choice in pickups is more about preference than anything else.

OWA, that is the most profound thing I've read yet. To be sure, it would seem to me that we would need to know an awful lot about pickups and then how they integrate into the wood of whatever guitar to know the true outcome of the sound conclusion. I'd be hard pressed to get that right in my lifetime.

Since I already own an amp, I'm of the opinion I better like the sound of them through it or the guitar isn't right for the sound I'm looking for. Be sure to add that (AMP) into the equation as well. I would guess through all the big stage systems all the way down to the beloved V-Amp2 :wink: your special guitar is going to sound different through each device.

So add that to the list of sounds we need to be familiar with in order to achieve that "My Own" sound. I'm taking notes. Hope you are too. :D

It just keeps getting better, eh?

I can so appreciate all you GNr's who have this experience and knowledge and can say " I want this amp with that guitar but I'm going with those pickups instead of the factory ones. " Someday for me....maybe..... :)


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i think rahul will agree with me.. much better angle

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