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What makes a GREAT open mike night?

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Hey Wes ,

I followed your link , given by you.And there was an invitation offer for Gmail.And i finally had an account of google mail.Thanks wes 8)

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That must have been the link for Open Mikes that Mike (Tracker) posted. So he is the one who really deserves the thanks.

But thank you for your kindness. :D


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Oh i never saw the post.LOL and i thanked that person who invited me for the gmail saying your name.

Its ok , now thanks to you TRACKER.Beer of to you man. 8) 8)

And hey wes , my name is Rahul.thanks :D

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One of the coolest things I ever saw was at my local pub. It is kind of a clubhouse type vibe, and there are a lot of hard drinkers in there--in a good way.

Anyway, some people had played to somewhat mixed responses. Then these two kids came in with a bass and a guitar, and their small practice amps. One of them had hair like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons, which ruled! Anyway, they sit down and the crowd is talking and ordering or whatever, and they play. Halfway through their first song the crowd went totally quiet. You could hear a pin drop. They played for about forty minutes, and people gave them money spontanteously.

They have a record now, I own it.

The guy with the Sideshow hair is named John (Sideshow John) and he is now a good friend of mine and gives me pointers on playing whene we hang out.

Cool stuff.

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