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What song or songs are you woking on this month?

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Just wondering, by the way I'm working on SRV's Mary had a little lamb and finishing my version of the T-bone Shuffle.

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Good question. Currently am working on "Never Been To Spain" - Three Dog Night (I believe) and "Two of us" - The Beatles. Also, I have tuned my Ovation to the DADGAD tuning and have been playing around with sort of a Celtic style. Joined a renaissance group and would like to start playing/performing at the occasional event in a year or so.


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Some Red Hot Chile Pepper solos and some Charlie Christian stuff.

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Little Wing and a fingerstyle arrangement of Michelle.

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A bunch of stuff actually a couple easy Elvis songs my teacher gave me, Little Sister and Jailhouse rock ( I think these are kind of easy so I'm alittle embarrassed that my teacher is giving these to me) I guess he thinks I suck.

Plus I just burned a CD with about 20 songs that I play and I realized that the original version of Jenny 8675309 was tuned a half step up so I'm relearning that, although there really isn't much relearning except the short solo, as I learned it about a year ago.

Other than that just trying to work on my scales which I keep telling myself is the most important thing to do but the hardest for me since it's boring.

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The solo in "Money" by Pink Floyd.

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Landslide-Fleetwood Mac . I have intro and verse down am working on the chorus.
Cats in the Cradle-Harry Chapin I have the whole song down am working on speed and fluidity.
Helplessly Hoping-Crosby Stills and Nash (I think Young too) I am half way through the verse.

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"To Love and Be Loved", "The Calander Hung Itself" and "Bowl Of Oranges" by Bright Eyes currently. I have the To Love down, Bowl I have to smooth out, and Calander I just cannot get yet. It's bugging me.

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A hodgepodge of stuff - Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver, One by U2, Heaven by Los Lonely Boys, Stormy Monday Blues by Allman Bros., Axis Bold as Love by Jimi.

I'd love to learn that version of Mary Had A Little Lamb, though.

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Knocking On Heavens Door - Bob Dylan
Hotel California-Eagles
California Blue - Roy Orbinson
Rebel Rouser-Duane Eddy & Lee Hazelwood


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From out of left field...

I'm working on a Bolero by Bartolome Calatuyud; and polishing up my renditions of Isaac Albeniz's famous Tango, and Tarrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra - cos I'm out of practice.

Well, you did ask.


A :-)

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Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, "I'm Waiting For the Man" by the Velvet Underground(actually just using it as a soloing rythym, but its all good. BTW thats the Velvet Underground, not the Velvet Revolver), and a variety of cool Dylan songs. 8)

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Treetop Flyer ~Stephen Stills
tryin to get my travis picking down


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Into the Mystic--Van Morrison. My teacher worked out an arrangement of this in drop D. I'm working on smoothing out the chords and learning to sing and play this at the same time.

Strange Fire--Indigo Girls. Learning some alternate chord voicing and learning the solo. I'm also working on coming up with my own improv.

Finally, I'm working on a classical piece in B minor. Barre chords, barre chords, barre chords!

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Im doing a lot of experimenting the alternate tunings and right now im trying to arrange Imagine by john lennon into c6 tuning.

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