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Whats Up With Alder...
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Whats Up With Alder?

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Hi Guys and Gals,

God, it's been such a long time since I have posted on here or even checked out the site. Really should make a habit of checking in around here more often. Anyway, I have a few quick questions that I need some help one.

Basically, I'm doing research for a school project on a material of my choice. Obviously being a bit of a guitar fan I decided to go for a wood used in guitars. So I choose Alder. Only one problem, I know the basics about the material. I know that it is fairly light, can be found all over the world, gives a great tone that isn't to bright but isn't to warm, is fairly cheap but I need to know why it is like this. Why does the wood give such a great tone? Why is it light compared to other types of woods used for guitars? Is there any other reasons guitarists choose guitars with a body made from Alder instead of a guitar made from another wood such as Hopefully some of you will be able to help me find the answer to these questions.

All help would be much appreciated,


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Alder has less density than say maple, therefore it is lighter, and resonates differently than other woods.
The density of the wood varies specimen to specimen, I think Alder is about the same as mahogany, maybe a bit lighter.
Check out they have alot of info on the woods they use to build their bodies.
Cool project man!


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You might try asking at as well. They're all pretty knowledgable.

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It's not just the density, it's also it's workability.

Alder is shaped very easily, generally has good grain structure, takes a finish well, etc.

A wood that is easy to work with is important unless you're doing high dollar custom work.

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