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Where do you want to get?

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Was just wondering, with all the different levels of experience and achievements. Where is it that you want to get?

As in dreams, goals, next steps?

As for me,
I have been playing bass and guitar for 6 years now. And songwriting and singing have always been a passion. But i want a more professional goal in the music industry. So im doing a one year diploma in music events management.

This is to do with tour and band management and studies of the music industry. Also marketing, communication and history in music. I know i want to be a muso, and famous at that (as im sure i share this dream with alot of you), but the business side appeals to me before that happens.

Being part of a record co. or some sort of publishing co. is my realistic step. But my dream is to be a "recruiter".

A person that goes and finds undiscovered talent, and establishes them into their dream. Markets and manages them into their brand and success. There is alot of talent out there, and their are also many stupid flaws in the so called music industry.

I have a good ear for talent, but i think that image has become a diversion in popular music today. Changing the trends like sex sells, and the subliminal messages in the advertising orientated music industry; is my ultimate. Changing the 'cheapness' of it all.
There is alot of power in music, and the big honcho's can see that.

'Cause music is everywhere, and i think it is hugely influential. Whether your concious of it or not. Its always there. From your fastfood resturant to your 21st birthday. From your Christmas parade to your heated moments of intimacy.
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay, my point is... where are your eyes at?

A shimmering grammy or an account full of cash.
A beautiful contract or a number one selling record.
A '1' on the billboard charts or a name at the door in all the clubs in L.A.
A duet with lenny kravitz or a solo with a symphony orchaestra.
A tour around the world or the widest range of antique guitars.
A lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll or a MTV appearance.
A biography about your rags to riches or a picture of you naked from the paparazzi.
A wardrobe of tight leather pants or a bed full of naked strangers.
A show to entertain children or eating bats with Ozzy Osbourne.

Wow, long post. But i am curious

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I want to end up in a proper band, and have a gig every now and then. And I want it within the next twenty years, if possible. For the near future, I just keep on practicing and playing with whomever arounds me is interested. Still waiting to be accepted at the music school for keybord lessons as well. Don't really have much dreams like being the next [insert a grand player].

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I started too late to have any realistic aspirations of stardom. Not that it's impossible, just very impractical. So, I'm playing mostly for my own enjoyment, gratification and whatever comes. That, btw, is not exclusive of
A lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll

My oldest grandson has been hooked on guitar since he was 2. So, this is a perfect way for me to remain a positive influence in his life. His younger sister and brother are naturally interested since they see him starting to play. Who knows, I could end up with my own band in a few years.

Although I do have several close friends who are actively releasing cd's. Sitting in on one of them and getting even a small credit would be a blast.

-- John

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I think my main mission is to be taken seriously, and I don't mean with a band necessarily. I've only been playing for a little over a year and I don't have any real aspirations to join a band...not that it couldn't happen. Right now, however, I'm aiming for my first goal...a few songs on an open mike night and I'm pretty close. After that, I would just like to be able to pick up and jam and be considered with some degree of respect...avoiding hackdom at all costs...I'm doing this mainly for myself and fortunately, have the support of my wife, who has been beside me the whole time...I'm lucky


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Ideally, I'd like to find a group of people that I really work well with, form a band with them, and play some great, meaningful music true to the spirit of rock 'n roll.

If we make money, great. If I get laid off, however, that gives me both focus, purpose, and valuable practice time, and they'd better be ready to go full hog with the band. :twisted:

(I'm 19 with a year's experience, but by the time i'm out of college, I should be a damn good guitarist!)

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I've been playing with some other folks lately to get ready for a January/February gig. I'd like to see that continue and continue to improve. Maybe be able to handle a bit more lead than I do now, though I dig playing rhythm. Just wouldn't want to see that disappear -- playing with other folks and playing a gig or two a year wouldn't be bad at all. Long live Geezer Rock!

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