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Which Guitar HELP!!...
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Which Guitar HELP!!!!

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Hi Guys,

My birthday's coming up and I'm gonna get a guitar but the problem is I have a dilemma which one!

I've found two that I really like. I like playing a range of music from Guns and Roses to Jack Johnson, From Blink 182 to Oasis so I'd like a guitar to accommodate for the wide range of music I play. Max Budget £900

As you can tell from the one's I've found I love les pauls and Tele's

These are the one's I've found:

Thanks for the Help

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Both are great guitars obviously! But they are very different. There is no one best guitar out there. Depends on what you like and what you play and what you want it to sound like. A telecaster is pretty characteristic when it comes to sound. From the band names i know of those you mention i'd say Gibson LP.

If the thing is you're going to have one and only one guitar - Perhaps a strat deluxe, with one single coil pickup and one humbucker is the most versatile guitar there is.

Me? I'd go for the tele (got one already).

Good luck and happy birthday.

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