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Will some of you guitar players please help me out?

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I don't even know where to start. However I need to give you the full picture of my issue.
So maybe let's start from the very beginning.
Okay, when I was younger I had to move in with my grandma way out in no mans land.
No phone, no tv, no internet, nothing but my uncle's guitar. I played it everyday as I had no friends no nothing else to do. I loved it. My grandma got me a nice Jackson and an old m80 fender chorus half stack for my birthday. I played it everyday all day 10 hours a day or more on weekends and 5 hours a day or more on weekdays as I had school this went on for 5 years. at witch point I had gotten really good. I moved to the city after I got out of school and found I could play better then anyone else I found.
Or so I thought :( I found a band I really liked and after playing for them they 100% wanted me in every member was all for it.

This is where my life went down hill... As soon as the drums started playing I found out I have no timing like at all none! I was let go from the band after a few days I was and really still am very embarrassed by this. I tried downloading drum tracks and I just couldn't figure it out this went on for some time and I got no where at all so I put my guitar down and walked away from it.

It's now been 3 years since I touched a guitar I am really subconscious about it anyway my friends didn't even know I ever played. However today we was at a party and like 10 people was taking turns playing guitar (older and younger) Having a few drinks in me someone asked if I played I picked it up and just ripped it up. when I was done everyone was telling me I was amazing asking how long I have played my friends was asking me "Who the hell are you?" anyway the feeling and the sounds of the guitar is just my only true love I am going to start again but where? How? I started searching the net when I found this forum so I thought maybe one of you could help me figure out how and why I went wrong and maybe tell me some good ways to fix this..

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It's not going to be too complicated. You've still got a guitar right? Get some fresh strings on it.

Get a Metronome - you can get an app for free from your phone or tablet's App Store. Set it to something like 60 beats per minute and four to the bar, pull up your first chord shape, set the metronome running and synchronise your downstrokes with the metronome clicks - one strum per click.

Then you need some songs - shedloads on the Tab sites but I'd recommend getting a compilation book in Piano-Vocal-Guitar format so you can see the layout. Don't ignore charity (thrift) shops - I picked up such a book with 76 decent songs in it for £1.99 (about US$2.60).

Keep the metronome running all the time whilst you play; then when you want to do two strums per click or swing rhythms you'll have your starting point. There used to be a podcast here in which David got everybody strumming - if it's still available it will help.

Keep the metronome running whilst you let rip too - you'll be surprised how much discipline it will inject into your shredding.

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Alan gave you sound advice. Get a metronome and live by it.

I did the same thing. I got in a band and realized I had no timing. Good for me they put up with my poor timing till I fix it. I'm guessing if you are like I was you played your songs a lot without music playing in the back round.

I don't do it any more but I would tap my foot during band practice and use metronome when practicing at home then shut it off and play with the songs till I was sick of hearing them

There are songs that I had to make huge changes in because of a extra strum here and one less strum there that just throws the timing completely off. Some were ok I just was playing faster in some parts and slower in others.

Just like you learn to play chords you need to learn play with timing. If your solo at a camp site no one may care or notice but in a band your a team working together

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In 1983 I joined a band as a bass player with more experienced members after a few months of noodling on my own in the bedroom. I could play some songs

Our first practice session was a disaster. The song was a simple two chord one where my job was to alternately play 8 roots and 8 fives in a simple straight-8 rhythm. I couldn't do it.

For one, maybe two hours we kept it up and everytime I would flub it. I would keep up for 1 or 2 chord changes and then miss one. It was awful. I felt so embarassed I wanted to quit immediately and leave, never to touch a bass again.

Thankfully they persevered. I'm still grateful to them for showing the patience they did.

Suddenly, during take 247 or something, it clicked! I was in time! And I could keep it up. And another more complex song. And another!

And I've never had the problem since although occasionally I have trouble with more complex rhythms with long silences. I still play in a band (partly the same one).

Keep up the practice. Don't worry, it will come eventually. And when it does it's like riding a bike.

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