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Write and write oft...
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Write and write often

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Hey ya'll. I went to half-price books with my mom the other day and bought some books. My mom bought this one book called "Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them" (4th edition) by Harry Shaw. Its a good bathroom read, but anyways. There was a good quote in it on page 6.

"Inspiration? A question that is sure to be raised. It's not a visitation, of course, but is inside you all the time. Don't wait for it; keep on writing and writing and ever so often it will come roaring up out of your insides and take the pencil from your hands. Nobody knows how to coax it up. Don't press, as the golfers say.... The shy beast will come up or not, as he chooses."
-Robert Littell

In conclusion, write and write often. Apply this to songwriting and riffwriting. Don't just practice all of your life. You can go only so far playing other peoples music. If you play your own music, there are no bounds.

Just a little wisdom/thoughts from Robert Littell.

aka Izabella