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Xmas instructional DVD

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Howdy folks,

Xmas coming up and, not being sure what to ask for, I think I'll just opt for some random guitar stuff.

I'd really like a good instructional video that'll help improve my improv'. Any suggestions? Specifically - I know a lot of scales and know em well, but I still find myself repeating the same ideas in the same box shapes over and over. I let my muscle memory do the work for me. Also I don't really practice the different modes over backing tracks, so I don't get to properly explore their tonal differences with their corresponding chords.

A good video that addressed particularly the former problem of repetition would be cool. I lean more toward rock genres.

Oh and before anyone suggests Scott Henderson - I already have his DVDs. They're very very good, but almost compound the problem I just mentioned as he focuses on getting you to repeat certain phrases with variations...If you've seen it you'll know what I mean. It's the "Ed had sex with his girlfriend!" section. lol :?