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yay, new guitar

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Totally useless to you all, but I'll post it anyway. :D Last week my dad had his anniversary, and one of the things I gave him was a SRV album. On it was 'Life by the drop', and after I heared that I just had to get myself a steelstring accoustic guitar. (no 12-string though ;)) So today I went to the local musicshop, and spend hours trying everything I had.

Two things I noticed: 1) It's very easy to be 'flexible'with a self-imposed budget. 2) the difference between a $200 and $1000 accoustic guitar seems to be MUCH larger then between a $200 and $1000 electric guitar, tonewise. In the end it came down to these three guitars:

1) Dean Exotica DAO
2) Dean Tradition One (with electronics)
3) Ibanez PF60

The Exotica was awesome. Sounded the best, had great electronics, played as easy as could be, and looked absolutely stunning. The downside was that it was actually way beyond the budget I had innitially set.

The Tradition one (this was the version with electronics) played very nice, had electronics, looked ok, and was well within my budget. The downside was that I didn't really like the un-amplified sound of it. It wasn't really very warm, and was a bit too bright.

The Ibanez looked very nice (blue version), played just as nice as the Tradition, and sounded better then the Tradition. It had no electronics though, and the Exotica had a even nicer tone. The Ibanez was well within my budget as well.

After playing these three for even more time, I eventually just had to accept that the Exotica (while the best of the three) was simply too expensive, and wouldn't be affordable for quite a while. So it was between the Tradition and the Ibanez. In the end I decided that electronics weren't the most vital part, end I went with the (unplugged) better sounding Ibanez.

In short: me is happy. :D

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way cool, have fun with your new guitar

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The unplugged tone's the most important thing with an acoustic, IMO. Fact is, I've never heard a plugged in acoustic with a pickup that sounded as good as a good acoustic played into a plain old SM57 mic, anyway.

Yeah, I know, you can't move around on a stage using a mic. I've got two acoustics with pickups. I haven't yet tried out the Fishman pickup in the newest, the Pete Townshend Limited Gibson SJ-200. Sure does sound good unplugged, though!

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I have the same one but in the Natural High Gloss Finish. It is a really great sounding guitar for the price.

Just in case you didn't know the guitar comes with 12's on it.

Have fun with your new guitar.

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congrats man, have fun, pretty lookin guitar :)