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your partner , how ...
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your partner , how do they deal with you playing guitar

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I got the guitar and the motorcycle, crisis over! :lol:

I wanted to get the motorcycle, but it would have given my poor mother a heart attack, I believe. So I "settled for" the BMW convertible. Hell of a thing to have to settle for, don't you think?



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see there guys, life is tough all over lol :shock:

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I think you could actually use this subject as a barameter for your relationship. If you love and CARE about someone, why would you not be supportive of their interests? As long as the family finances are not in jepardy and the usual responsibilities are being met, there really shoudn't be a problem. If there is, there are some basic problems with the relationship and it probably won't last, nor should it. Any of you folks who have been around for a while(in my case a very long while), and been through both bad and good relationships know--when it's bad, you can deny it but you still know it's bad. When it's good, it feels right. You support each other's likes and interests because they are important to person you love.

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It works out fine for me usually....i play all night sleep in the early morning get up and make room for them anytime after that....pretty well thought out plus guitar is points for you with a girl they all love just write them a few songs and they wont mind it

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