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12 String Cort AJ870

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My 12 string Cort AJ870 whcih I always have in standard tuning it seems as though the bridge is starting to pull forwards it's only a little bit and I wonder is that how 12 strings always are or should it be perfectly flat underneath the bridge? If it should be pooping up even a little bit what can I do now before it gets worse to help it?

Thanks Zyan

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Hey Mez,

No you need to loosen the strings and take it back to the shop where you bought it, that is if you bought it from a shop.
It is repairable... better yet if it is relatively new, I think this would be a warranty issue and you could get it replaced for nothing... (new guitar I mean).

If you didn't buy it from a shop you still need to take it to a shop and have a proper repair done on it.

It will take a while especially if their repair person is booked up. He/She will need need to comepletely remove the bridge piece and reset it.

But LOOSEN the strings on that thing now !!!!

:) Good luck with it.

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How old is it?
Is the bridge dipping forward in front too?
How is the action?
Did your heat just start coming on in your house?
What gauge strings are you using?
Got any pictures?

A little bit of hump behind the bridge is okay, especially in a 12 string.

If you'd like to experiment you could tune it down a half step and capo one. See what that does to the bulge.

I think that if the bridge is still securely attached, most likely the luthier will reinforce the bridge plate and check the bracing.