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1993 PRS 24 CE Neck Refinish

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I have recently refinished my 1991 American Strat. The neck came awesome and I am now thinking about refinishing the neck of my 1993 PRS CE. However, the PRS has a rosewood fretboard. For the Strat, I just scrapped and sanded the old lacquer off then resprayed it (wet sand and polish). Can this same technique be used on the PRS? I do not want to damage the PRS, but there are several places where the original finish has worn away or chipped off, and I would like to restore it if I can do so without messing it up since its considered a "vintage" (i.e. pre-1995 factory) PRS.

Thanks for any input to those who have experience fixing rosewood necks.

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PRS used some combinations of finishes back then, like urethane over polyester, or nitrocellulose, but not on the fretboards. That has to be masked off. I would contact them for some advice, since you'll want to be sure what you use will be compatible with any of the old finish if it's not fully removed by sanding.

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