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1st and 6th strings touch the fretboard when played.

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The 1st and 6th strings of my fairly new acoustic guitar do not play a clear sound when i play a note starting from the 8th fret going down. I think the strings touch the fretboard. I have tried tuning the strings, but its till doesn't solve the problem. i have no idea how to fix this. PLEASE HELP; this is causing problems when i play, especially when i'm fingerpicking.

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"8th fret going down"... if you mean down in tone, as in toward the headstock, it sounds like you need to have the trussrod adjusted.
If the neck bows back, you will have trouble with the strings hitting the frets from about 8 and down (toward the headstock).
If you sight along the neck, a properly adjusted neck will have a very slight bow away from the strings that is greatest around the 6th to 8th frets.
This is a quick and easy adjustment that you can learn to do yourself, but you might want to go to the shop where you got the guitar the first time it's done. It should only take about 5 minutes. The shop that sold you the guitar should do it for free.