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'51 mod project soo...
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'51 mod project soon to start!

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Now that I have my Epi Les Paul, I want to take on the blonde Squier '51. It has so much potential...

First off the bridge pickup is out. It's alright, but I want something a bit less modern, and I already have a humbucking guitar.

I'm gonna throw in a GFS Mean 90.

Also, has anyone replaced their bridge with the guitarfetish replacement? Does it do much for you?

Also, I'm gonna be bold here and try something I don't think anyone else has tried. I'm going to change the pickguard to this guitarfetish one: . Instead of the push pull I'm going to change to a 3 way, and a plain volume.

Also also, I was thinking about installing this:
I'm thinking of putting using it as a master device, but I'm not sure if anyone thinks this would go well...

I'm thinking about ordering parts this weekend. I'm 100% on the mean 90, but not sure on the rest. Input NEEDED...

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I had a Mean 90 in mine; it's excellent, but I decided to go back to a humbucker instead.

I still have the Mean 90 though; was going to save it for a future project but if you're interested I'll sell it to you. It's a chrome one.

You know it's a single coil pickup, right? So it hums a bit ... not much, actually pretty quiet compared to some others. Sounds very good though, crunchy and smooth at the same time.

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Both your links are to the EQ-booster. No experience with it.

I recommend something a bit different on the pups. Replace the neck with a P90 and keep the bridge 'bucker. Great combo.

Others have used the GF bridge with success. Again, I've done something different, and comverted the stock bridge to string-thru-body on two of my '51s. It's a bit more work, but seems a good mod for this guitar. If you are good with a drill press, it's not too difficult.

Have fun.

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