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A question about capo strength?

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I have a Shubb capo that i have no complaints about it's functionality as a capo, but the annoying thing for me is that it cant be held on the headstock when not in use.

So i bought a cheapo trigger type capo but this always pulls the strings too tight and makes notes noticably sharp. I was wondering if kyser/dunlop trigger capos have this problem? I have read nothing but good reviews on these capos but am skeptical to buy one as i really can't see how much difference they will have to the cheapo in respect to tension strength. Anyone have experience with these capos? If so do they provide good tuning or do they turn notes sharp? =[

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try using your cheapo capo a bit further away from the fret, as placing it right behind the fret will cause the most de-tuning -- esp if the frets are high/jumbo and the capo rubber is hard.

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I have a clamp type Kyser that I was getting too tight with on one of my guitars. The others seem fine. Anyhow, I ended up getting a screw type from Planet Waves that did the trick for me.

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Yep, depends on the guitar- how high the action is, how much string tension there is (which depends in turn on the string gauge and scale length), how big the fret crown is, whether or not you have a floating trem, etc. I'm sure the spring in the capo is another variable; I doubt they're identical.

I use a Kyser, simply because I spend most of my time teaching, and I don't want to take too long getting a capo on/off on a student's dime when it's needed. I haven't noticed any real problem, but all my guitars have fairly low action. Even on a Strat with light (.009-.042) strings - but that's got a trem, which probably does a little adjustment for me.

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