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A string sounds wro...
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A string sounds wrong

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Last week I changed the strings on my Yamaha acoustic, gave frets and fretboard a light cleaning with steel wool, put on same gauge strings, except the new were D'addario Phosphor Bronze, the old were D'addario XL Life. Now the A string has this strange tone even though by ear or electronic tuner it is in tune. Hard to describe, not a buzz, apparent when played open or fretted, it just sounds more “strident” or ???

I sighted down the neck the action seems fine, no changes have been made to setup since purchase 4-5 years ago. I've changed the strings many times, never had this happen. Even removed the A string and replaced it with a spare I had, same result. Only thing I can think of is the new strings were about a year old, but they had been kept in factory sealed bags under normal conditions. Any ideas before I take it to the shop?

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Probably down to the difference between coated and non-coated strings.

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Would that not be noticed on all strings? It's just the "A"

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Is it seated right in the nut and the bridge? Issues there can cause weird overtone sounds.

If you play fretted notes up the neck is there a point at which the wrongness of the sound goes away? If so there's a fret issue.

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I had a problem with my B string and found out that the angle of the slot in the nut was flat, not angled like it should of been. A touch up with a nut file cured this problem for me.