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Acoustic Guitar won't stay in tune

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I have a Sigma DM-2 that won't stay in tune for mure than 2 minutes. Any ideas on whats wrong?

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How old are the strings?

Are the screws in the tuners tightened up properly?

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Lubricate both the nut slots and the saddle. I use a .5mm mechanical pencil (graphite is an excellent lubricant).

Old strings can be difficult to keep in tune, but so too can new strings. If your strings are new, stretch them out before playing them. To do this, bring the entire guitar up to tune. Once you've done that, start with the low E, and pull it vertically away from the fretboard two or three times. It will detune; tune it back to pitch. Repeat the process until the low E stays in tune even after your two or three pulls. Repeat this process. Be aware, it takes about thirty minutes or so.

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I'll add to Alan's questions...

1. Are the strings NEW and, if so, did you properly stretch them after installation?

2. Another possibility is that the strings could be binding in the nut if the nut's string slots aren't shaped properly and/or polished. There are a couple products you can use to lubricate those slots, but at this point it's impossible to tell where the problem lies.

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In addition to Alan's questions, do you have enough wraps around the tuning posts? You want 3-4.

And are the bridge pins in place? If the strings that are dropping in pitch have the bridge pins higher than the others, it's possible you've got the ball end of the strings positioned under the bridge pin(s) - they're supposed to sit next to them, with the bridge pin holding them into a slot in the bridge plate (a wooden block that sits directly under your bridge).

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Check the nut and saddle if its still in good condition, and the screw in your tuning pegs should be tighten everytime you change strings. At least once a month change the string of your guitar if you're a regular player.

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