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Acoustic = New buzz

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Well, some pre information. My regular acoustic was set up and playing quite nicely until yesterday. But I am diabetic and I find that I do very odd things when I havent eaten or I've taken too much insulin and as a result my blood glucose is low. Such as it was yesterday.

Yesterday, my guitar was all outta tune. Which is odd because it rarely gets out of tune. I couldnt find my tuner and rather than tuning it against my Ovation, I went on a website and tried to tune it to their "Online Tuner". Well, I stopped once I heard the neck making creaking noises the third or fourth time and come to find out I was tuning it up... way.. way up and there was alot of tension on the neck.

Tuned it against the Ovation, finally, but now when I play the 1st string (high E) on the 12th fret it buzzes horribly unless I bend it a little.

Any quick fixes or should I just take it into the shop? I wonder if this falls under warrenty?


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Sounds like the 13th fret came up under the pressure.

You could take it in and they could check for cheap.